About Lars


My name is Lars Bo Christensen – I was born in 1964. I live in Denmark. I have an M.A in Chinese from University of Copenhagen. My main interest is Classical Chinese.  I love early Chinese philosophy and poetry. Furthermore I have practiced Tai Chi every day for 35+ years.

It is a fact that different people praise different translations of the Dao De Jing which give completely opposite ideas and conclusions. The differences in the existing translations are often quite dramatic and this means that it is far from possible to say that there exists an authoritative translation. However, among the scholarly translations the differences are, in fact, not so dramatic. After reading one of the better translations the reader will in broad terms be able to understand what the Dao De Jing has to say. My wish is simply to provide a translation that I strived to translate very close to the Chinese text. There are a few important points in the original that I hope to be able to clear up and I sincerely hope I can assist the reader in coming to a deeper and more precise understanding of this wise and wonderful ancient book.