The Way and Virtuous Power

道德经 – Tao Te Ching – Dao De Jing

Translation by Lars Bo Christensen
Easy to read and faithful to the original

Dao de Jing is, together with Zhuang Zi, the oldest foundation of Daoism. Dao De Jing consists of 81 verses and was written by Lao Zi whom we don’t know much about. We know that the Dao De Jing is at least 2300 years old. The oldest excavated copy was found in 1993 in Guodian in the Hubei province. It was written on bamboo strips and has been dated to around 300 BCE. Written sources state the Dao De Jing to be from the 6th century BCE, which may well be true.

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— Dao De Jing and Tao Te Ching are just two ways of writing the same title —